Pass-Thru Technology
Tracking down a fault

Sometimes you’re lucky – On board diagnostics and the cheap generic scanners that are plentiful to all of us don’t always prove successful – time for a professional approach?


  • Light on faults that reoccur ?

  • Low power modes ?

  • Gearbox locked in limp home mode ?

  • Infotainment problems ?

  • Seat memory faults ?

A small example of what can occur and indeed reoccur in todays vehicles that require a in depth ability to diagnose to repair or rectify cost effectively.

Its partnership of experience, the correct diagnostic equipment, software and support platforms –

Here at 4×4 specialists we use systems and support similar to that enjoyed by the dealer networks, allowing us to deal with the simplest and the complex nuances that cause you vehicle to “fault out. “

We understand it’s more than frustrating to suffer total or partial breakdown, more so to have wasted good time and money only keep experiencing the same problem!

Scotlands Leaders in 

Pass-Thru Technology

J2534, also known as Pass-Thru, ensures that we, as an independent repair shop can work on modern cars and have cost-effective access to information and ECU programming downloads from vehicle manufacturer when required.


SAE J2534 is a communications standard adopted by vehicle manufacturers that enables compliant devices to reprogram vehicle ECUs. European and US legislation requires vehicle manufacturers to make vehicles, diagnostic and reprogramming applications that are compatible with J2534 devices, without this there is very little can be done on most modern cars.


We have been working with Pass-Thru technologies since the start and we are highly regarded as one of the industry leaders.


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